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Paul Nano Skawinski, also known as Nano, is a visual artist who has over 10 years of experience in creating, projecting and exhibiting live chemical visuals.

Using a self-designed analogue projector for building projections, now Nano captures the intricate details of chemical reactions through macro filmography and displays them as high quality prints or hand made paintings.


His work has been live performed/showcased at various events and festivals across the UK and EU, including rare projection performance at St. Paul's Cathedral, but also music festivals/Cat Walks/Installations/EP Launches/Light shows Opening Ceremonies and more.

Nano toured with Noxshi (Cat Stevens son's band) and have supported Killing Joke band, Tim Green, Martin "Youth" Glover and more. He has also worked with well-known clients such as AUDI and Samsung, creating mesmerising video works for their use.

His latest "smART" collection enables the art collectors to customise the digital artwork to their needs. This phenomenal step in self/space expression through ai art enables you to enhance any space with the any mood and style of your choice.. 

In addition to his visual art, Nano is also a musician and an active crypto music/video producer known as Nanopunk and Anima Grooves


His music is available on Spotify and iTunes.

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